Let the fun begin.  You keep seeing everyone flying kites, riding with ease across the water and having a great time. Now your ready to give it a try. Ocean Freaks Kiteboarding Key West will provide you with lessons in a safe, shallow water environment, without dangerous obstacles or distractions.  You will travel by boat with an experienced, licensed Captain/Kiteboard Instructor to a sandbar near beautiful islands in the Florida Keys and away from the crowds on the beach.  Ocean Freaks Kiteboarding Key West has teamed up with Liquid Force Kiteboarding to offer you a safe and memorable kite experience.  Liquid Force kites are designed to be user friendly while providing the student and rider witht the ultimate kiting experience. We also offer discounted Liquid Force kite packages to our students.




Reservation Policy.   A deposit of $ 100.00 is required at the time of booking with Ocean Freaks Kiteboarding Key West.  Due to limited availability, lessons will need to be cancelled within 14 days of lesson date for a full refund.  A refund will also be given if the lesson is cancelled by the Captain/Instructor due to no wind or weather related issues.


Beginner I - Get Me Flying                                     Private Instruction:  3 Hours       $ 300.00 

Note: Our lessons are private.  There are no other parties on the boat except for the individual(s) taking lesson(s).  You may bring one guest. 


Brief Overview of Lesson

-Choosing a safe environment for kiteboarding     - Weather Conditions/Wind Direction

-Wind Window/Kite Terminology                           - Kite Setup

-Safety Systems/hand signals                               - Launching, landing, de-powering, flying kite

-Body drag (self-rescue)

Beginner II - Get Me Flying/Riding                         Private Instruction:  3 Hours       $ 300.00

-Review/practice beginner I skills                           -depowering/kite flying

-body dragging upwind/board rescue                       -water starts

-board starts                                                           - riding

Buddy Lesson

Same as Beginner I/II but with a friend               3 hours       $ 375.00


Special Note.  The Buddy Lesson is great because you can actually learn a lot by watching your buddy learn to kite.  The instructor will do his or her best to balance out lesson sharing time.  Please understand that we teach kiteboarding lessons that accommodate each individual based on his or her ability.  We move at the student's pace.  Safety and the comfort level of our students are our primary goal.  Individualized lessons may be recommended over the buddy lesson for this reason.

Intermediate Lessons           Private Instruction: 3 hours  $250.00

The intermediate lesson is for the student who has kite control and can ride in both directions.  Our instructors will help you get dialed into many skills that you are trying to conquer.  Skills will range from riding upwind, transitions, riding toeside, jumping, backrolls, frontrolls, all depending on your current ability level. 




  3 hours our equipment $150.00              Your Equipment: $100.00

Note:  We take riders based on availability and are grouped together.  We take a minimum of two riders.  Riders can book in if they are traveling with student(s).

Riders should be able to kite upwind and have the ability to body drag and recover his or her board.  If you are a rider, it means you are officially a kiteboarder.  Please understand your rate is based on your ability to be self-sufficient and not in need of instruction. There will be a charge of $ 35.00 for each boat rescue.   An equipment problem or weather issue will be taken into consideration. Your Captain will go over the riding location before your kite session.

Foil Boarding

Intro: Lesson is given on foil towed behind the boat.  Includes all safety equipment. 

           1/2 hour $200

         Must have previous board skills; kiteboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding.

Experienced Foilboarding ( No Wind Day) 

         1/2 hour $ 150

Kite Foil Lesson         

The new craze is foil boarding.  It's an awesome experience and the best part about foil boarding is that you don't need a lot of wind to ride.  Let Ocean Freaks help you learn the sport of foil boarding.  Lessons will depend on low wind conditions. For more details discuss this package when booking your dates.


       3 Hour Session     $ 275.00 (Individual)               $ 325.00 (Buddy)

Custom Island Kiteboarding with Ocean Freaks Kiteboarding Key West (Downwinders)

**For Riders who can ride upwind in both directions**

1/2 Day ( 4 hrs. )         $ 500.00           Full Day ( 7 hrs. )        $ 700.00


Book the boat and travel to private island locations. Observe the beauty of the Floriday Keys while kiting in shallow waters teeming with life. Share your ride with nurse sharks, sting rays, turtles, dolphin, and other marine animals.  Great deal for kiters that want a boat just for their group.  Price per individual based on number of people.